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ZyXEL NWA1100-NH N300 Wireless-N PoE Access Point Indoor Long Range 630mW.

 เพิ่มเมื่อ: 10/11/2014
 แก้ไขล่าสุด: 22/05/2020
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NWA1100-NH 802.11b/g/n Long Range PoE Access Point (External Antenna), High Power Antenna 28dBm upto 630mW.(สินค้ารับประกัน ตลอดอายุการใช้งาน)
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NWA1100-NH 802.11b/g/n Long Range PoE Access Point (External Antenna), High Power Antenna 28dBm 

- High-Power Wireless N Long-Range PoE Business Access Point

- แลนไร้สาย Wireless N 300Mbps

- กำลังส่งสูง 28dBm ในย่านความถี่ 2.4GHz ครอบคลุมพื้นที่ใช้งานสูงขึ้น 4 เท่า

มาพร้อมกับเสาอากาศขนาด 5dBiจำนวน 2 เสา

- Port LAN แบบ 10/100/1000Mbps

- รองรับ Multiple SSID สูงสุด 8 SSID พร้อม VLAN Mapping

- รองรับการจ่ายไฟผ่านสายแลน (PoE)

- สามารถใช้งานร่วมกับซอฟท์แวร์ ZyXEL One Network และ ZyXEL AP Configurator



- High output power of up to 28 dBm delivers extended coverage

- 2 external antennas with high 5 dBi gain optimised for mobile devices

- Fast 802.11n Wi-Fi with speed up to 300 Mbps improves transmission of large files or videos

- Easy deployment via client mode or repeater AP and IEEE 802.3af PoE support

- Certified WPA2 Enterprise, access control management and user traffic control for strict network protection


Long range coverage

With the boosted 28 dBm output power and 5 dBi high antenna gain, the ZyXEL NWA1100-NH can amplify signal transmitted and received for mobile devices with weak output power to connect to the Wi-Fi networks with ease. Thanks to this feature, the NWA1100-NH is able to provide WLAN connectivity to serve most client devices.

Powered device

The ZyXEL NWA1100-NH is designed to be flexible in various deployment scenarios. As a standard powered device (PD), the NWA1100-NH can work with 802.3af and 802.3at PoE switches to eliminate inconvenience caused by, for example, insufficient power outlets.

ZyXEL ONE Network utility

To streamline the management process, the ZyXEL NWA1100-NH comes with ZON utility for administrators to assign IP addresses of multiple APs through just one platform. Administrators can save the hassle logging into each AP to change the default IP addresses before physical installation.

ZyXEL AP Configurator

After deploying a number of APs, repetitive configuration for the units takes time and effort. The ZyXEL AP Configurator (ZAC) allows batch AP configuration, backup and firmware upgrade in three easy steps to significantly reduce configuration time and effort.

Wireless layer-2 isolatio

The layer-2 isolation can protect the private network among client users and allow users to access the shared devices without entering the rest of private networks for enhanced security. Also, the intra-BSS blocking prevents peeping from Wi-Fi clients associated with same AP.

WPA2 enterprise certified

ZyXEL NWA1100-NH has been certified with industrialstrength WPA2 Enterprise protection and has wide range support of EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) types. It can be seamlessly integrated with corporate RADIUS servers.

Access control list

For company without existing RADIUS server, administrators can utilize the Access Control List (ACL) to grant or block Wi-Fi access by entering MAC addresses of the client devices.



  • NWA1100-NH

Product name

  • 802.11 b/g/n Long Range PoE Access Point

Wireless frequency

  • 2.4 GHz


  • 1

Number of antenna

  • 2T2R MIMO

Antenna gain

  • 5 dBi

Frequency band

  • 2.4 GHz (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
    • USA (FCC): 2.412 to 2.462 GHz
    • Europe (ETSI): 2.412 to 2.472 GHz
    • Taiwan (TW): 2.412 to 2.462 GH 
  • 802.11n premium features
    • 2x2 multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) with two spatial streams
    • Maximal Ratio Combining (MRC)
    • 20- and 40-MHz channels
    • HY data rates up to 300 Mbps
    • Packet aggregation: A-MPDU (Tx/Rx), A-MSDU (Tx/Rx)
    • Cyclic Delay diversity (CSD) support
    • Maximum Likelihood Demodulation (MLD) support
    • Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) support 

Max. transmit power

  • US (FCC) 2.4 G 28 dBm, 2 antennas
  • EU (ETSI) 2.4 GH 18 dBm, 2 antennas

Received sensitivity

  • 2.4 GHz
    • 802.11b/g, min. up to -92 dBm
    • 802.11n/20 MHz, min. up to -91 dBm
    • 802.11n/40 MHz, min. up to -87 dB 

Number of 10/100/1000M LAN

  • 1


  • Yes

PoE power draw

  • 6 W

WLAN maximum net throughput

  • Up to 110 Mbps

WMM (Wi-Fi certified)

  • Yes


  • Yes


  • Yes


  • Yes

EAP types

  • PEAP, EAP-TLS, -TTLS, -SIM, -FAST, -AKA, -MD5 and -GTC

Number of multiple SSID

  • 8

IEEE 802.1x

  • Yes

MAC filtering

  • Yes

Layer-2 isolation

  • Yes

WLAN access control list

  • Yes

RADIUS authentication

  • Yes

IPv6 support

  • Yes


  • Yes

DHCP client

  • Yes


  • Batch AP configuration
  • Batch AP firmware upgrade
  • Batch AP profile backup

ZON Utility

  • Discover ZyXEL switches, APs and gateways
  • Centralized and batch configuration ? IP configuration
    • IP renew
    • Device reboot
    • Device locating
    • Web GUI access
    • Firmware upgrade
    • Password configuration
    • ZAC access

Standalone AP mode

  • Yes


  • Yes


  • v1, v2c, v3

Power supply

  • Input: AC 100 - 240 V -50/60 Hz 0.3 A; Output: DC +12 V 1 A

MTBF (hr)

  • 1,018,459.6


  • IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3az, IEEE 802.3af


  • IEEE 802.3af


  • 802.11b: DBPSK, DQPSK, CCK
  • 802.11g: BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM
  • 802.11n: BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM


  • FCC Part 15C
  • ETSI EN 300 328, EN60601-1-2
  • DGT LP00


  • FCC Part 15B
  • EN 301 489-1, EN 301 489-17, EN 55022,
  • EN 55024, EN 61000-3-2/-3/EN60601-1-2
  • BSMI CNS13438


  • EN 60950-1
  • IEC 60950-1
  • BSMI CNS14336-1

Item Dimensions (WxDxH)(mm/in.)

  • 153 x 110 x 38/6.02 x 4.33 x 1.5

Weight (g)

  • 240/0.529

Packing Dimensions (WxDxH)(mm/in.)

  • 285 x 210 x 72/11.22 x 8.26 x 2.83

Weight (g/lb.)

  • 602/1.327

Included accessories

  • Power adapter
  • Mounting screws

Operating environment

  • Temperature 0°C to 60°C/32°F to 140°F
  • Humidity 10% to 95% (non-condensing)

Storage environment

  • Temperature 30°C to 70°C/-22°F to 158°F
  • Humidity 10% to 95%





   062-519-3997 , 02-458-2949



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